Our team

The NVM was founded in 2016 at the instigation of Mr. Christophe Beaussire, leader of the eponymous public works group and owner of the former US airfield on which the museum was built. A collector of civil and military vehicles from the first half of the 20th century, his wish is to highlight the site's historical potential and pay tribute to the Allied forces and the Norman population who lived through the summer of 1944.
The project was born after his meeting with two other enthusiasts who decided to put their collections at his disposal:


Mr Patrick Fissot

History teacher at the Secondary School in Carentan, a specialist in the liberation of the Manche department, author of several books and collector of uniforms and objects of the Second World War for more than thirty years.
Mr Nicolas Bellée

A public accountant, cofounder of “Bellée & Poussier” in Granville, creator of the vintage bags brand “WD 44” and also a collector for many years.


The mounting and operation of the NVM was entrusted to a young team already experienced:


Mr Kevin Meyer, director

Involved early in the voluntary sector and commemorations related to the Battle of Normandy, notably in the Royal British Legion, he now enjoys more than ten years of experience in the creation, development and management of tourism and leisure companies in Normandy, as well as in events.
Mr François Oxéant, assistant

He holds a Master's degree in History and is the author of a book dedicated to a Canadian pilot shot down near Bayeux in 1943. Influenced by his family history (a great-grandfather executed by the Germans for acts of Resistance and a great-grandmother killed in the air bombings on June 6, 1944), he was a tour guide on the D-Day beaches.