The museum is organized in 17 chronological scenes, offering the visitor a real interactive experience at the heart of the Normandy countryside. Made up of fifteen vintage vehicles, hundreds of mannequins in uniform and several thousand genuine objects, the collections presented are valued by a realistic background depicting the hell of the fighting.


After an evocation of the Occupation, the Resistance and the construction of the Atlantic Wall, the visitor will discover the different phases of the fighting: the hyperrealist dioramas will make you relive on D-Day, but also and especially the " battle of the hedgerows ", operation Cobra and the counterattack of Mortain – unknown strands of the battle of Normandy. A film made up of archival images, projected in our cinema, traces the successive steps of the liberation. The Normandy Victory Museum also intends to emphasize the role played by women during the conflict, especially within the various auxiliary corps of the American forces. Finally, the end of the conflict in Normandy and Europe will be evoked through the return of prisoners of war and deportees, the Victory celebrations and the beginnings of the Reconstruction.